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Albert Wass: Give me back my Mountains! - Mobelinos's blog

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Albert: Give me back my Mountains!

"Gentlemen who have things in the world aligning: give me a tip my! Confess honestly do not care either politikátok, nor the philosophical questions, not big ideas, with which the millions of people's fate settled wish. I do not care for millions of people either. An interest only: give back to the mountains my! Because whatever they say to the scientists, the fiscal and the soldiers: the mountains are mine. Just as I was to them belong from the moment it was born in the legs during that little house, and they looked into me in the window. It is not the plot of the book was mine, it is true. But mine were under God's orders, by a man I was born there and there. Give me back my Mountains! "

"Look gentlemen: almost a fifty years is that belerángattatok in this game. Played curse on my skin and war country allocationi  here there handing out our gift to our land, me and the mountain of mine as children donated the toys to one another. And I am fifty years dutifully played you everything you commanded you: Minority fate, humiliation and oppression, persecution tongue and varieties due to liberation and soldiers. I played war. enthusiasm and fear of death, red-blooded courage and stampede, played with desperation, pain, anger, loss of war. I played lost homes and lost family, grinding teeth revenge and prisoner of war, played hiding homeless, lonely wolf wandering wilderness of human destiny ... gentlemen, I have had enough. I do not play on. Give me back my Mountains! "

"Do not tell me to look myself in others places in the world, it is not of this world the place that the mine would have on the balance elsewhere. Do not say that received this or that country, because there is no I in countries where no business havin. Do not tell that gracious unto myself tip of in the Kordillerra or the Sierra Nevada, because the other mountains are not mine. to me there is no beauty and no peace to the mountains. Give me back my tip my! And let's not say that I am not the only one whose fate it is because millions of people become homeless games and I'm the only one among millions. For me no consolation to millions of people hurt is the same as me. myself it hurts, what hurts me. Give me back my Mountains! "

"Do not say it either, that is, who has lost, no one has lost as much as I do. I had no palace, which could you build somewhere on the earth on the other side. I did not have assets, which banks in return could pay if megszállná them to charity fever. Jobs was not even referred to litter, and is instead a new one adhatnátok. I was nothing but mountains and a woman I loved. And these two together more over, as all the world's Palace, property and office. No one is lost in this game as much as I do. Give me back my Mountains! "

"Gentlemen, I humbly believe that big you are and the powerful. That little finger you any time you move millions of people die in the countries exchanged and continents sank in the sea depths. But above all believe I would like also to honoring the truth and the law which God to the world, and that your hearts good will filter through even the little finger you move. But this can only believe it if you abolish the corruption that games turned the wake into the world rászabadult and back to give the mountain myself. ... Gentlemen, I'll tell you the my life. The game that you play have, because it you wrote  to me the role. Not one or the other of you is not this or that. As the role of writing is not among you guilty and bűntelenebb. Both together are responsible for this terrible game. All of them who you arrange things of the world, cross-wire and hedges, and parts of the world and beyond. You took my mountain. elrontottátok And my life as a mischievous child destroy the toy, which has already bored, and then throw knocks. "

I know nothing and I do not want to add. My soul was crying while I read.