2011. október 8., szombat

The deadline is looming - October 9th at midnight!

The deadline is looming - October 9th at midnight! Comments are needed NOW more than ever - to date less than 100! Let's show the State Department that this pipeline has to be stopped.... according to the State Dept site - there have been three previous comment periods and with each one they gathered more than the first.... with the last one with over 200 thousand - we have to repeat this process - Even if you have commented before - please take a few minutes and do it again - Each period is independent of the previous! Thank you and please share and encourage everyone to do the same!
Cornell’s Global Labor Institute recently published a fact sheet regarding the claim that the Keystone XL will create more jobs. This report addresses the exaggerations and misleading figures given by TransCanada that spins how the pipeline will create jobs. Click here to read the report. (...